Our Services

Cervical Smears
All women within one year of becoming sexually active, should have a cervical smear test.  These should  be done three yearly.  Please make an appointment with the nurse to see whether you need one.

Childhood Vaccinations
These can be done at any time by our practice nurse

Diabetes and Asthma Clinics
Regular health checks will be offered to all patients with diabetes or asthma by the nurse or doctors.  If you are newly registered with the practice and have either of these conditions please make sure you tell the healthcare assistant.

Family Planning
We provide a range of family planning services including the morning after pill.  Please discuss this with the doctor, a special appointment is not required.  The morning after pill must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Please make an appointment at the next available surgery. You may be fitted in as an ’emergency’ if necessary.

Health Promotion
The practice nurse and doctors are available for advice on healthy eating, weight reduction, stop smoking and heart disease prevention.

Influenza Vaccinations
These are done at the surgery, generally from October each year and recommended for elderly, those with chronic heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and some patients with asthma.

Maternity Care
We provide full maternity care. Ante-natal clinics are held weekly on Wednesday afternoons  by appointments.

Minor Surgery
Certain minor surgical procedures can be carried out by the doctors at the surgery.  After an initial consultation a special appointment will be arranged.

Travel Advice
A full range of travel advice and immunisations are available from the practice nurse.  Please make an appointment to organise vaccinations 2 months before you intend to leave or as soon as possible.  Everyone whether travelling or not, should have regular tetanus boosters every 10 years.  If you haven’t please make an appointment.